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Leverage Analytics

Most financial services firms struggle with the data dilemma. They know that hidden within their data lie the secrets to higher revenues, lower costs and fewer losses. But uncovering and analyzing this treasure trove is costly. A good data scientist can cost dearly in salary, benefits and training. Building out an internal analytics team is often cost prohibitive.

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Our Process

The Leverage Analytics process is customized to the engagement or business problem being addressed.

Consulting Engagement Models

We offer diverse consulting models, including fee-for-service or retainer for ongoing engagement.

Data will talk to you if you are willling to listen.”

~ Jim Bergeson

The Businesses We Serve

What We Do

We help the banks adapt their processes and technology to give modern, tech-savvy borrowers what they want and expect.

Credit Unions
What We Do

We help Credit Unions in putting the right solutions in place to deliver the level of customer experience the members have come to expect.

Lease Purchase Companies have such a high asset value. By utilizing analytics, we help them to dramatically reduce workloads and boost profits.

Fintech Companies
What We Do

We help Fintech Companies to maximize the latest technology to boost their financial systems.

Other Financiers
What We Do

We help Financiers with a variety of tools to assist them in competing in different lending markets.

Why Choose Us?

Here We Go!


Choose us for What We Do. Leverage Analytics. Our name is our mission - to leverage analytics to help small and mid-sized financial services firms grow confidently and profitably in a fast-changing world.


When fortunes and futures are at stake, the smart money is on science. Large enterprises have long known that leveraging data leads to prosperity. But today, it’s not just the Fortune 100 that have access to game-changing data. Leverage Analytics helps companies of all sizes prosper by uncovering and using sound data to gain and maintain competitive advantage. We scientifically mine data generated within and beyond your walls to help you successfully pursue current opportunities, identify new ones and soar above the competition.

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